Our Services

At MandEInstall Ltd, we undertake a wide range of projects.

Our services include but not limited to the design installation commission and maintenance of the following systems
General electrical mains and sub-mains
At M & E Install we design, install and commission the mains and sub-mains system of any sized building to include incomer isolation, cable containment, sub-mains distribution,   metering and earthing. We select a manufacturer whose equipment works best in a particular design to ensure our customers achieve the right result. 
Small power and lighting
Our team design install and commission small power and lighting systems to include mechanical power and circuit protection. Once the design has been approved our skilled  operatives carry out a seamless operation in the installation and commission of these systems making sure that both budget and time schedule are meet.
Emergency lighting
M & E Install design, install and commission emergency lighting for both central and local battery systems and for maintained and non-maintained lighting. We can recommend a   number of lighting manufacturers to suit your need and budget. We also carry out bi-annual or annual maintenance to keep the system at optimum capacity when needed.
Electrical testing
At M & E Install we manage your electrical testing schedule to make sure that all test and inspections of your electrical system are carried out within the correct duration period and  certificates are digitally sent to the responsible person. Keeping our customers fully compliant with building regulations.
Fire alarm
M & E Install design, install and commission fire alarm systems for any type of building and for any use. We install analogue addressable systems or conventional systems to suit our customers requirements. We also carry out periodic maintenance to fire systems to ensure compliance with building control and ensure that the fire system is fully operational.
 Smoke vent controls
M & E Install work with its partners to design, install commission and maintain smoke ventilation systems to work in conjunction with the buildings fire alarm system. We hand pick  manufacturers to suit the buildings design.
 Intruder alarm, CCTV and Access control
M & E Install work with its partners to design, install commission and maintain intruder, CCTV and access control systems and can integrate all three to work with the buildings fire    alarm system. We can recommend our preferred manufacturers but can install any manufacturers equipment.
 Structured cabling and Integrated systems
M & E Install can integrate any electrical and electronic system together including mechanical systems. And install data cabling systems to our clients requirements to work with the   buildings management system.
 Pre-planned maintenance
M & E Install manage our clients maintenance program to ensure our clients compliance with regulations and to keep installed equipment working to its optimum capacity for the duration of its lifetime.


If you require support with anything not listed above, please do not hesitate to contact us.